Ragnarok - WIPED 5/10/19
  Aberration - WIPED 5/10/19

Arenas! Doedicurus Races! Admin Events! Oh My!

Before you read this post, I just want to make sure you understand one thing. We are a PVP server. Despite what you are about to read, Arkaic players are not a bunch of Care-Bears, running around holding hands, singing "Shiny, Happy, People" while they run down the beach chasing Dodos. They PVP, they raid, and they don't feel bad about it. 

With that said, the Arkaic players do enjoy a good Admin event. At least, that is what I keep telling myself. The truth probably falls somewhere beside the phrase: "Sweet, sweet, loot."

So what do we have to offer as far as Admin Events here on Arkaic? A lot of shenanigans. Today we are going to look at the Arena's and Doedicurus Racing Lanes. 

Team PVP & Free For All Arena Events


Open Maze Arena & Tower Arena


The tall one doubles as a Ptera catcher! 

Look at those beauty's! Sadly, these designs are not originals, but based off the work of an Admin on another server, xRancidx. While Rancid may not read this post, I like to give credit where credit is due. We run several events here, including a King of the Hill style event, Free For All, and a bracketed Team Event. 

The Doedicurus Race


Doedicurus Race Lanes

This is one of our newer events. It's fairly simple. Bring your tricked out Doedic and race against two other players. First one to make it all the way down the ramp and back to the top wins. Depending on how many players we have, the winners will compete for a prize. So far, we have only tested this out, and it was pretty hilarious. See that little guy in the lead there? He left the other two in the dust and that left our players wanting high level Doedic's to custom level specifically for this event. we hope to run our first one next week. 

Our Player Built Arena


Crossbow Event in Action! Don't worry, Ill have a better picture of it next time.

Last night I logged in to "SASS!! Come check out the Arena we built!" I know, Ewww, PVE players on a PVP server, right?  Not at all. Actually one of our alpha PVP tribes, Badass University, built this beauty. Foundations of stone and walls of glass, this Arena has three sections. One large open arena in the center and two smaller ones on each side. 

So far, we have made use of the middle arena. It's open, unlike the maze arena you saw above. The players of Badass University created a Compound bow event, in which teams of 2 or 3 fight to the death wearing only hide and using only Compound Bow's. We set up a winner bracket and loser bracket. Needless to say these guys had a blast, and it was a blast to watch. 

The two arenas on either side of this one can be used for events involving Dino's like a Dodo fighting pit or a Rex vs. Rex battle. Players are actually spending this week getting their Rex's ready for next weekend's fight to the death. 

Stay Tuned....

This isn't all we have to offer in the way of Admin events.  We have several other events that we run on a weekly basis, including a parachute event, and a popular one that the players have fondly named "The Rondo Event". We are going to save these for the next update. Mostly because I don't have screenshots yet.